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Along with law enforcement agencies, insurance companies are strong proponents of VIN Etching.  Here is one of the best descriptions of VIN Etching I have come across.  Click this link for an informative document on VIN Etching from a major auto insurer and remember… use your back button to return to Mark-N-Gard.

Speaking of insurance, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, also known as the NICB, has developed a useful handout describing a number of “best practices” to follow in protecting your vehicles. Click here to read this interesting document from the NICB. Don’t forget… use your back button to return to Mark-N-Gard.

The NICB partners with insurers and law enforcement agencies to facilitate the identification, detection and prosecution of insurance criminals.  btw, if you’re purchasing a used vehicle, go to their website at  www.nicb.org, look for the VINCheck link and you can enter the VIN of the vehicle you are considering to verify it is not stolen or has previously experienced flood damage or otherwise considered salvaged.

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