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D.I.Y. VIN Etching & Property Security

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  • D.I.Y. Vehicle VIN Etching Kit

    $ 25.00$ 45.00

    Every kit includes a FREE GIFT: a Glove Box Storage Pouch for your Important documents.

    Our DIY kits are the best on the market and the cheapest as well. Check it out!

    Your Automobile is not worth 2 cents to a thief if it is protected with MARK-N-GARD.


    The Mark-N-Gard Security System is always on and CANNOT BE DISARMED!

  • Architectual Glass Installer or Antique Vehicle “Glass Bug” Stencils with Etch Cream

    $ 30.00$ 300.00

    Glass Etch stencils custom printed for your exact needs. Required etching cream included with each order. Call (704) 277-2018 if you have specific questions about your glass etching application. If you have artwork or existing stencils that may help us design your new stencils, use the Artwork or Photo UPLOAD function at the bottom of this page to send them to us.

  • NEW PRODUCT… D.I.Y. Property Recovery Stickers

    $ 15.00

    Use our easy to apply, property marking labels to permanently mark your valuables. We’ll hide your driver’s license number, VIN, or Custom ID (your choice) into these nearly impossible to remove stickers. Carefully place them on your valuables and protect your property from theft AND in the unfortunate case you experience property theft, notify the police and you may recover your goods quicker than you thought.


  • License Plate Lockers

    $ 14.95

    Our powerful, stainless steel screws protect your license plate(s) from theft by securing it to the car with double layer protection and hard-to-remove screws!

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