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Property Marking Systems & Supplies (including RAPIDS)

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  • NEW PRODUCT… D.I.Y. Property Recovery Stickers

    $ 15.00

    Use our easy to apply, property marking labels to permanently mark your valuables. We’ll hide your driver’s license number, VIN, or Custom ID (your choice) into these nearly impossible to remove stickers. Carefully place them on your valuables and protect your property from theft AND in the unfortunate case you experience property theft, notify the police and you may recover your goods quicker than you thought.


  • RAPIDS Ribbon

    $ 33.00

    Printer Ribbon for RAPIDS Property Marking System

  • RAPIDS Property Labels

    $ 255.00

    Roll of 2,000 RAPIDS Property Marking Labels. See RAPIDS Ribbon for companion part.

  • R.A.P.I.D.S. – Recovered Auto Parts ID System

    $ 995.00

    The R.A.P.I.D System prints innocuous barcodes on nearly impossible to remove vinyl stickers, containing property ownership information. The system includes a thermal transfer printer, one roll of 2,000 vinyl stickers, one printer ribbon, and the Mark-N-Gard software to create the labels.

    The R.A.P.I.D System provides another substantial, tactical defense against property theft.

  • Zebra GC420 Thermal Transfer Printer

    $ 399.00

    NOTE – This printer does not work with the new Mark-N-Gard stencil material.  This printer is intended for our RAPIDS Property Marking System.

  • Deep Metal Etch Accessory

    $ 795.00

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