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NEW PRODUCT… D.I.Y. Property Recovery Stickers

$ 15.00

Use our easy to apply, property marking labels to permanently mark your valuables. We’ll hide your driver’s license number, VIN, or Custom ID (your choice) into these nearly impossible to remove stickers. Carefully place them on your valuables and protect your property from theft AND in the unfortunate case you experience property theft, notify the police and you may recover your goods quicker than you thought.


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THIS IS NEW!    As we do from time-to-time, we are introducing a brand new crime prevention product for our D.I.Y. customers.  We call it ID-GARD.  It is a twist on the old idea of engraving your property with your driver’s license.  You remember how your local police encouraged neighborhoods to fight crime by marking personal property like TV’s, bicycles, etc. oftentimes utilizing a vibrating mechanical pen device.  They would offer to have you bring your valuables into the station for marking or sometimes they would even come out to your neighborhood or home and engrave your stuff for you.

The concept was sound; however the implementation left something to be desired.  If you ever got around to actually marking your valuables, what you ended up with was a crude etching of your license number depending on the dexterity of the operator, hopefully in a semi-hidden location because the engraving just wasn’t pretty.

A couple of years ago we were contacted by the Police in a Large Texas city (one of our long-time customers btw) to help them with a rash of property crime, much of it vehicle related like stolen catalytic converters, van 3rd row seats can you believe, etc. We helped them come up with a “high-tech” variation to that old idea of “scratch” or etch marking property, so we thought that possibly our DIY customers would like to try a variation of that.  So here it is, if you would like to protect your valuables.

The idea works like this… You will provide us with your driver’s license number (or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) if you prefer, or any other ID that works for you.  Either the VIN of one of your vehicles or your drivers license # is perfect because either one, can instantly be traced back to you (the owner) by any police agency or insurance company world-wide.  (We would never share any of your IDs with anyone).

Using your ID of choice, we will produce 20 barcoded stickers that you can use to mark your valuable property.   Stick these on the back of your new TV or component sound system.  Use the labels to mark valuable power tools or camera equipment.  How about 4-wheelers or riding lawn mowers?  PC’s, laptops and printers are a natural.  Look around your home or garage and you will spot any number of items that would be targets for thieves and perfect candidates for marking with ID-Gard.  The labels you will receive will look something like this one:

Yes, it’s generic looking on purpose.  Doesn’t everything these days have a barcode on it?  We don’t want to alert a thief that you have surreptitiously marked your property. They will view it as just another manufacturers’ bar code sticker.  Also, should they try and remove it… They can’t, unless they are willing to spend 30 minutes picking at it.  They will lose interest. How is the barcode useful? Thieves know about marking property.  By imbedding your ID in a barcode, it won’t be obvious to them that you have taken this preventive step and the police or pawnshop can easily read the barcode by using either a scanner made for the purpose or even a barcode reader app that is available on any smartphone.

Also, with your ID-Gard kit, you will receive a certificate attesting to the fact that your household has taken steps to protect your personal property.  On it will be an actual barcode sticker matching the ones you used but also room to list each marked item and its serial number.  We hope not, but should the worst happen and a thief makes off with your property, hand a copy of this certificate to the investigating officers so they can be on the lookout for your property.  It might also be a good idea to stop by local pawn shops and second-hand stores and give them a copy.

Give these a try, tell your friends, especially alert the police in your community that you have marked your property and what the barcodes look like so they can spread the word to be on the lookout.  We are pricing these low to introduce them to the public. Each order of 20 customized for you, barcoded stickers is only $15.00 and we will only charge the actual 1st Class Postage to your door (not the outrageously marked-up postage some sellers charge). Be choose sure to select the type of ID you wish to use, then carefully enter it in the respective box.

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