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D.I.Y. Vehicle VIN Etching Kit

$ 25.00$ 45.00

Every kit includes a FREE GIFT: a Glove Box Storage Pouch for your Important documents.

Our DIY kits are the best on the market and the cheapest as well. Check it out!

Your Automobile is not worth 2 cents to a thief if it is protected with MARK-N-GARD.


The Mark-N-Gard Security System is always on and CANNOT BE DISARMED!


VIN Number(s)

Enter VIN(s) here. If you do have more than one VIN, please type the 17 character VIN’s on different lines. PLEASE VERIFY THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED THE CORRECT VIN(s).


Etch all the glass on your own vehicle for a FRACTION of the cost a dealer would charge you.  Your first vehicle is only $25 and this includes postage. Car dealers may charge $300 and up for etching!  Be sure to select the number of vehicles to etch and carefully enter your VINs on separate lines in the box.

Why buy our kit?

  • Only our DIY kit was tested and recommended by the leading consumer reporting magazine in July 2000. We can’t mention their name, but you know who they are.
  • Our DIY kit was a featured product on Motor Week and Speed Channel TV programs.
  • Our DIY kit was a featured How-To product in Auto Restorer Magazine, November 2003.
  • Who did Talk2DIY on the DIY television network choose to highlight in a demonstration with “C-R”? Yup, Auto Etch again.
  • Postage Paid.
  • Confused by “part time” competitors claims?  Call or e-mail and we’ll fill you in…

We’re recognized as the best, that’s why our competitors often buy their supplies from us!

Our Do-It-Yourself VIN Glass Etching Kit contains:

  1. Ten “custom computer cut” glass etch stencils with your vehicle’s unique 17 character VIN.
  2. Glass etching cream with applicator.
  3. One pair of vinyl gloves
  4. Two hi-visability, quality two-color window warning decals
  5. 2-part “proof of etch” insurance certificate.  Give this to your insurance carrier for a possible discount.
  6. Clear, easy-to-follow instruction
  7. Kit comes in a handy and sturdy “glove-box envelope” useful for your valuable documents

Be sure to comment about our DIY Kit via e-mail (bruce@markngard.com) and have your name entered in a drawing for a free gift (your comments may show up on our website).

Here’s what one customer commented recently…

“I received the kit and did the etching on Saturday.  It all went smoothly.  We have a bit of etching cream left over that we might use for some crafts.  Thanks for a good product.” –Lars

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

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