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License Plate Lockers

$ 14.95

Our powerful, stainless steel screws protect your license plate(s) from theft by securing it to the car with double layer protection and hard-to-remove screws!


You get a total of eight (8) screws and nuts in 2 different kinds of fastener types plus two (2) special wrenches. Enough for two or more vehicles (depending on your state and plate requirements).

Car thieves want to remove your vehicles license plates to hide the identity of the vehicle or to use on another vehicle, which is usually stolen. The use of our Mark-N-Gard License Plate Security Screws will deter most thieves because they will not have the special wrench required to remove the stainless steel screws securing your license plates to the vehicle.

We include 2 different types of screws in each order. One set is used to secure the license plates to the vehicle and one set to secure the license plates to the mounting frame. This double layer protects both the front and rear plates and fits most vehicles.

Like all of our proven security products, our license plate security screws are easy to install, never require maintenance and last the life of your vehicle!

Installation Instructions:

  • Remove existing mounting screws and replace with the appropriate security screw.
  • If at all possible, use all the included security screws in this system. For example: use the standard screws to secure the license plate to the vehicle and use the metric screws to secure the license plate to the mounting frame.
  • Be sure to store the special wrenches in a secure location for your future use

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

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