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Mark-N-Gard Bluetooth Complete Glass VIN Etching Package

$ 2,495.00

This is our latest VIN Etching System.  It features a wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner with enhanced scanning ability to handle the latest square “Matrix” barcodes used by some vehicle manufacturers.

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This package includes:

  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner – An industrial strength scanner that doesn’t need to be connected to the computer while scanning. Simply walk up to the vehicle to scan the VIN barcode.  Handles most kinds of barcodes used by vehicle manufacturers.  Up to 2 additional scanners for backup and additional capacity for large events can be added to this system at additional cost.   Manual entry of VIN is available in case the barcode is not available or damaged.
  • Base Station – This connects to the Host PC or Laptop and includes the battery charger for the scanner.
  • Windows Laptop – This is a brand new laptop with factory warranty which is pre-configured with the Mark-N-Gard VINsafe VIN Entry Software.
  • Industrial Strength 9-Pin Dot Matrix Stencil Cutter Printer – A brand new printer with all cabling included.
  • Enough Supplies to Etch 400 Vehicles – Stencils, Etch Cream Daubers, Window Warning Decals.
  • Full Installation Instructions and Event Planning Manual.  24/7 Technical support is usually available as well.
  • Installation Kit including Spray Water Bottle, Paper Towels, and VINsafeWindshield Letter Placards.
  • (Optional) Pelican Heavy Duty Carrying Case – Protect your VIN Etching Systems in this customized waterproof wheeled case. Unconditional lifetime warranty.   See above to add this option.

This software version includes the unique Mark-N-Gard VINsafe Installation System that virtually ELIMINATES the possibility of etching the wrong VIN on a car.  It also features VINchekVIN validation which performs a test on entered VIN’s for correctness.  The program can also accept the non-17 character VIN’s used on older vehicles. This complete package includes everything needed to begin your Public Auto Theft Awareness Program in your community.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 10 in

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