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MNG-XP20 Glass VIN Etching PDA with Barcode Scanner

$ 295.00$ 995.00

Includes PDA with barcode scanner, charging cradle, power supply and cables.   The Stencil Cutter/Printer is not included.

No more battery swapping as the XP-20 has a rechargeable battery pack which you simply keep charged between uses using the convenient cradle and wall transformer. This battery pack will most likely last up to 2 years or more and new battery packs are inexpensive.

Full operating instruction manual is included.  Unit Warranted for 12 months with the exception of screen breakage.



The Janam XP20 Rugged Palm OS Mobile Computer features the latest high performance Imaging Technology barcode scanning that outperforms many other barcode scanners. With this unit we believe that you will need to manually tap in significantly fewer VINs.

Additionally, users will appreciate the very real feedback on a successful read of a barcode.  Not only do you get a high pitched beep but the unit actually provides tactile feedback as it vibrates in your hand on a good scan. This is a very nice feature that will be appreciated.

This unit is very compact and feels good in the hand with an adjustable elastic strap on the back. It is designed to withstand multiple drops to concrete with no bulky rubber outer case required.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 7 x 7 in

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