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R.A.P.I.D.S. – Recovered Auto Parts ID System

$ 995.00

The R.A.P.I.D System prints innocuous barcodes on nearly impossible to remove vinyl stickers, containing property ownership information. The system includes a thermal transfer printer, one roll of 2,000 vinyl stickers, one printer ribbon, and the Mark-N-Gard software to create the labels.

The R.A.P.I.D System provides another substantial, tactical defense against property theft.


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Initially intended to focus on vehicle related property theft, at the invitation of a large metropolitan Texas Police Dept., MARK-N-GARD, Inc. has developed another tool in the fight to attack the out-of-control property theft problem in your community. This cooperative effort between law enforcement and the citizens and businesses in your community goes back to the age-old, simple idea of indelibly marking personal property.  Previous iterations of this idea utilized an electric engraving pen or other marking tool to permanently etch your drivers license number or other ID on your personal property, however this newest approach incorporates a heightened level of technology to attack this crime.


R.A.P.I.D.S. provides a state-of- the-art method of marking property with bar-coded labels. These innocuous and visually unreadable labels may contain the property owners’ drivers’ license number or in some cases a vehicle VIN. We all know that everything has a bar-code these days and these labels are so generic looking and difficult to remove that the thief will not even bother trying.

R.A.P.I.D.S. consists of two components or stages…

  • No. 1 – Label Production and Application:   The production system consists of our provided R.A.P.I.D.S. software running on any Windows laptop or PC (we can optionally provide laptops) connected to a special label printer loaded with unique, hard-to-remove labels.  These labels can be produced for citizens to apply to their property during neighborhood Crime Prevention events and other personal encounters.
  • No. 2 – Property Recovery and Owner Identification: After R.A.P.I.D.S. familiarization training, when officers encounter suspicious goods in a vehicle stop or home or business theft investigation, they can look for the presence of these easily recognized R.A.P.I.D.S. bar-code labels. Using almost any smartphone with an appropriate “Free Bar-code Reader App”, the officer will typically be equipped to scan these bar-codes and verify property ownership. We can also provide an optional “Bluetooth” portable bar-code scanner.

Here’s what you get with a R.A.P.I.D.S. System…

  • Desktop Thermal Transfer Printer – specially designed to create the labels.
  • 1 roll of 2,000 labels and thermal transfer ribbon to go with it.
  • A copy of Mark-N-Gard’s R.A.P.I.D.S. application software to run on your laptop or PC.
  • Complete operating instructions and technical support when necessary.
  • OPTIONAL – Refurbished Laptop pre-loaded with the R.A.P.I.D.S. application. $200.00 additionally.
  • OPTIONAL – Bluetooth portable barcode scanner. $325.00 additionally.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

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