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Since 1982 we have been providing quality Vehicle ID Security products to individuals, law enforcement agencies, car dealers, insurance companies and glass installers.

We are known for our Wholesale / Bulk Stencil prices as we offer the GUARANTEED lowest price for large quantities of stencils. We buy in bulk to save costs so need to move product quickly.

Count on Mark-N-Gard, Inc. when quality really counts. Remember, exceptional service is our standard.

Complete PC based VIN and PIN Etching Systems.

We have developed our own software over the last 25 years and it is renowned as the easiest to use… ask the hundreds of police agencies and car dealers who use our systems!

Car Dealer Products

Including VIN Etching Systems and Supplies, pre-numbered and “prepared to your order” glass etch stencils and window warning stickers. We also offer THE BEST and LEAST EXPENSIVE Vehicle Theft, Paint/Fabric and Tire/Wheel Warranty Products (available in most US markets). Try our Custom printed Body Parts Marking Labels which feature UV “left behind evidence” should the label be removed. These are great for motorcycle or car dealers who wish to offer a great looking anti-theft product at the lowest labor cost.

D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)

Our VIN Etching Kits are the best. ┬áThat’s why our competitors buy from us.

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