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ALERT – Once again Catalytic Converter Theft is on the rise!  Mark-N-Gard can help.  The very same stencils used in Glass VIN Etching can be applied to the bare metal of a Catalytic Converter.  Metal etch the VIN or even a driver’s license number.  Call us for more information (888) 288-6382.

Law Enforcement Professionals around the country rely on MARK-N-GARD VIN Etching Systems for their community Auto Theft Awareness programs like “National Night Out Against Crime”. 

The professional thief is on the lookout for alarms and VIN Etching. If he notices that the VIN is etched into the glass he will usually move on to a safer target. This is the best reason to get your vehicle’s glass etched with it’s own unique fingerprint, the 17 character Vehicle ID Number or VIN.

Vehicle or VIN Cloning is an illegal practice whereby criminals steal the identity or VIN of a legally registered vehicle and use it to hide the identity of a stolen or salvaged vehicle, which is often similar in model and appearance.

Did you know that the BEST and perhaps the ONLY way to successfully prevent the Cloning of a different VIN to your vehicle is to permanently etch the manufacturer-issued VIN onto all of the glass surfaces of the vehicle? 

Our valued customers since 1982 include:

  • Police and other Law Enforcement organizations across the country.
  • Insurance Companies who recognize the value of Glass VIN etching (and often give a discount for for it).
  • Car Dealers wanting an inexpensive way to add value for their customers.
  • Architectural Glass and Auto Glass Installers.  
  • Do It Yourselfer’s (DIY) looking for a foolproof way to protect their car.
  • Auto Theft is pervasive around the world. That’s why our International customers  include locations in Mexico, South and Central America, Canada, Eastern Europe and Scandanavia.

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