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Why Etch?

The Top 4 Reasons to Etch Your Car:

  1. The professional thief is on the lookout for alarms and VIN Etching. If he notices that the VIN is etched into the glass he may well move on to an easier target. This is another good reason to display Window Warning Decals.
  2. If the thief plans to “clone” a different VIN to a stolen vehicle, the etched glass means he must replace ALL the glass at a cost of thousands of dollars. His profit is out the window!
  3. In the case of a police raid, “Chop Shop” operations run the risk of having stolen vehicle VINs laying around in doors and even in broken glass in the corner.
  4. An etched VIN in the glass of a vehicle may be the only means to ID a recovered stolen vehicle, especially if it has been burned or otherwise destroyed.

Law Enforcement Professionals around the country are relying on MARK-N-GARD VIN Etching Systems for their community Auto Theft Awareness programs.

Contact your local police or insurance agency to see if they would be interested in starting a program in your city or community. We have “Turn-Key” programs specially designed for your them to help them help their community by providing them with an inexpensive solution to the very expensive problem of automobile theft!


As a Car Dealer, why would I be interested in VIN Etching or any of your products?

We all know how thin your margins are these days, in this economy.   Adding VIN Etching or another Mark-N-Gard theft protection product to a vehicle can cost less than a buck!  However the markup can be substantially higher as you can imagine.  And… VIN Etching by Mark-N-Gard is Police and Insurance Company endorsed.  We also sell “Theft warranty” products that can be tailored to your dealership.


What other Crime Prevention products does MARK-N-GARD offer?

Here are a few of them…

Deep Etch Metal Marking Systems – Used for marking Fancy Wheels, Catalytic Converters and other metal parts.  This option works in conjunction with your Glass VIN Etching System which produces required stencils.

Laser Cut Parts Marking Labels – Use on painted surfaces of vehicle such as doorjams, under hood, under trunk and other semi-concealed locations.  If these labels are removed they “leave behind a UV image of ID and contact info” under a “Blacklight” used by police investigators.

Personal Property ID Labels – In conjunction with a major Texas Police Department, the Mark-N-Gard team has developed a property marking scheme that has led to the arrest of a number of burglary teams in those communities.  If you are representing a law enforcement agency with an interest in this system, give Bruce a call at (704) 277-2018.

Data ID Dots – We also offer a version of this popular theft protection product.  We customize these to your exact requirements.





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