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Auto Restoration “Glass Bug” Reproduction Stencils with Etch Cream


This product is for vehicle restoration shops and individual hobby auto restoration projects. Each kit includes appropriately sized glass etch stencils printed based on your requirements and artwork.  An appropriate quantity of Glass Etching Cream is included with each order.  Unless we have your particular stencil design in stock, these stencils are totally “customized” for your application. Stencils can contain letters, numerals and symbols.  Figures and company logos are typical. We can usually closely replicate an example bug that may already be present on the original or existing glass in your vehicle.

We can send you an email proof or mail an actual “proof” for testing on your glass. Based on the test results, give us the go-ahead or reject with no billing other than any postage charges incurred.

Use the “Upload” feature to show us any artwork or photo of your desired stencil.

Call us at (704) 277-2018 to talk about your exact etching requirements. There are two components to the pricing of these stencils; First, the actual production of the required stencils once the design is in hand. If this is a reprint for you, of an existing design, or we already have a sample of the needed stencil, then this charge is minimal at around $50.00 for at least 25 stencils, adequate etching cream, including Priority Mail in the US.

Should you need a reproduction of the original artwork present on your restoration vehicle, then our graphic artist will attempt to replicate your design based on the best art work you can provide including photos, sketches, and the required dimensions of your image. Please be sure to upload any images you have that might assist us in this effort. The pricing of this component is typically in increments of $100, i.e.. if it takes our art department only a  few hours then you will be billed an additional $100. More complex projects may require more increments of design dollars.

We will mail samples for testing if desired with enough etch cream for testing.  You will be billed $10 for testing sample mailings.

You will receive a final billing via email which you will be able to pay online. There is no facility to pay for this custom product on this website. Again, call us at (704) 277-2018 with your requirements.


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