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Glass Etch Cream Daubers

$ 8.50$ 2,500.00


This is our highest quality Glass Etching Cream.  This dauber is a great improvement over the open bottle and brush-on approaches.  Not only is the application of the etch cream faster and smoother, but also the risk of spillage accidents with open jars is absolutely eliminated.  Keep the dauber applicator tip tightly capped and in your pocket between uses and worry no more about a curious child getting into the etch cream.

Each dauber contains 1.5 Fl. Oz. of Etch Cream and will typically etch 75 to 100 vehicles when used correctly.   Correct etch time is typically between 3 and 5 minutes.  It is always best to do a test etch on a piece of glass prior to actually VIN etching a vehicle.  This is especially important in extreme temperatures, that is, below 50 degrees F. or above 90 degrees F.

Best Practice (or How To Use) – The dauber tip or applicator tip contains a spring-loaded stopper to prevent leakage of the etch cream.  Apply the etch cream to the stencil material like this;

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1 Dauber $8.50, 5 Pack Daubers $40, 10 Pack Daubers $75, 50 Daubers $325, 100 Daubers $600, 300 Daubers $1,650, 500 Daubers $2,500

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