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Here are a few recent comments…

“I received your product and I am DELIGHTED with the results. First of all, your timeliness of shipment was wonderful and all you promised it would do… IT DID.  You rock and thank you so much for making me feel alot safer with every window etched”  Michael, Coral Springs, FL.

“I gave your info to a colleague of my husbands.  He was telling me all the things he has done to save on car insurance… and I “one upped” him with VIN etching!!!!  Hopefully you will be hearing from him too.  Now that I know about your company, it is the greatest holiday or birthday gift going.”  Ellen K., S. California

“I was VERY pleased with the ease of applying the etching of the VIN to my new SUV. I was a bit apprehensive that they would be smudged or blurry but they came out PERFECT!  Thanks.  It was alot better than paying the $169 that my dealer wanted.”  Tom  C. 

“Wow!  What a great and inexpensive way to protect your car investment.  The best thing is, it was real easy to use.  Etch it and you will be glad you did!!”  Eddie S.

“Thanks for sending the FREE silver highlighter paint.  It does make the VIN stand out better.  I was wondering how I could get an extra warning label as when I was putting it on one side it got messed up?  I am willing to pay for it and the postage.”  Al, NJ  No problem Al.  A couple warning labels are on the way.  MNG 

“I purchased the VIN Etching Kit for two vehicles.  You shipped it very quickly and everything was packaged very well.  The application went perfect and the results look great!  I feel much better now with an added deterrent to a thief stealing my vehicles.  I also have LOJACK installed in both vehicles so I hope this will lead to more and more thugs thrown in the clink.”   Doug F.

As you can tell by the comments above, our DIY VIN Etching kits are well received.  We have one of the lowest prices on the web and we have been offering do-it- yourselfers kits longer than almost anyone else.   In fact a number of kit producers have purchased their materials from us.  One feature of our kit that s not offered by our competitors is the highlighting paint to make the VIN etch more obvious to the would be thief. 

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