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Early N.A.P.A. catalog entry

Insurance companies have long suggested a “layered approach” to auto theft prevention.  In other words, use multiple layers of protection for your vehicle.  The first layer of protection is Common Sense.  Don’t leave your vehicle running in your driveway or at the convenience store while you run inside for that morning cup of coffee.

Along with factory installed alarm systems, many vehicle owners have discovered another easy and inexpensive layer of protection for their valuable vehicle.  That is, to to etch the VIN deep into the glass with one of our D.I.Y. kits.  For one thing, this will prevent “VIN Coning” when professional thieves totally change the ID of  a stolen vehicle.

We have one of the lowest prices on the web and we have been offering do-it-yourselfers kits longer than almost anyone else.  Here is a catalog entry from an old N.A.P.A. Auto Parts catalog where we sold some of our earliest kits back in the late 70’s or early 80’s.  In fact a number of kit producers have purchased their materials from us.  One unique feature of our kit that is not offered by our competitors is the highlighting paint to make the VIN etch more obvious to the would be thief.

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